IMG_0191The Faculty of Law offers students a multidisciplinary approach to studying courses organized in modules at undergraduate level. Upon completion of undergraduate studies, students get the degree Bachelor of Arts ( in Law) and they are competent, on the basis of practical and theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their studies, to meet challenges of the labor market. In the third year of undergraduate studies, students can choose two study programs – Law and Security, or Public Administration. The study programs are adapted to contemporary needs of society; students acquire knowledge which they can apply immediately after graduation, which makes them highly professional and competitive with the staff  educated  at eminent  European universities.

In addition to undergraduate studies, there are master and doctoral studies, which represent the postulate for better understanding of the theory and practice of legal science in our country.

Our students have proved themselves to be excellent legal experts in public administration, lawyers, executives and academics. Students of master and doctoral studies gain scientific credibility through rich possibilities of doing scientific research, which is a priority of the Faculty. All students of master and doctoral studies have the opportunity to participate in national and international scientific conferences and present their work independently, which have proved to be essential success of this scientific institution.  The works of our students of doctoral studies are published in leading national and international scientific journals, which is a source of special pride, but also a measure of dignity of the Faculty of Law.

Prof. Zivko Kulic, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Law

“In the computer era, strategic values will be: